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Upload the poster

Upload your event poster to identify it. This poster will be shown to participants who access through our app.


Sponsored photos

Offer all photos with the branding image of your sponsors. Configure it with a partially transparent image in both vertical and horizontal formats.

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Upload photos

No need to download any apps, directly in your browser. Share the instruccionts with your photographers for the best results.

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Check all the information about your event in real time, from the total number of photos uploaded to the photos downloaded by participants.


Promote your event

Once your photos are uploaded, inform your participants how to download tye Revopic app and they can access with the unique code for your event.

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Available on both Android and iOS

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Access the event

Using the event code provided by the organization, you can access the event.

Take a selfie

Now you just need to take a selfie to locate your photos. The first time, you will need to give the app permission to access the camera.

You have your photos now!

That quickly, you have all your photos in the event gallery.


Now you can view each photo, download, and share with your friends.

Embrace the power of cloud-based photo sharing with face recognition. Sign up for Revopic and start experiencing photo sharing like never before!

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